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Bot Builds & Designs

This is the place to share the robots you’re working on! CAD, construction, soldering, repairing, build diaries, you name it.

For Sale & Services

The place to post bot parts and other things robot related you’re looking to sell.
Also the place to advertise your services (Printing, CNCing etc)
BBB are not responsible for sales & transactions that occur.

CAD Resources

A place to share CAD files for commonly used parts. Or CAD tips and tricks with specific software, including 3D printing and machining.

Questions & Help

Ask any bot related questions you may have.
Are you stuck on something, want some advice or some (friendly) opinions from other builders?

Events & Reports

Talk about upcoming & past events in robot combat.
Post event reports, share photos and videos from events you’ve been to.

BBB Announcements

Where BBB Announces things!