19th & 20th August 2023: MMM V29 at Maker Faire Hannover hosted by GRA

On 19th & 20th of August 2023 the German Roboteers Association (GRA) hosted its 29th “Mad Metal Machines” (MMM) Tournament at the Maker Faire Hannover.

In Germany we have few events per year, but usually it is one big two day event for ‘all’ weight classes.
We have:

  • UK Antweight (150g)
  • Beetleweight (1.5kg)
  • Raptorweight (6kg)
  • Featherweight (13.6kg)

This specific event was the first time for us doing a live stream.

Here is a video of the first day:

A video of the second tournament day will follow.


Video of second day uploaded: