20mm & 10mm HDPE For Sale


I have 3 sheets of 20mm 500x500mm HDPE and 1 sheet of 10mm 500x500mm untouched straight from the press for sale.

I’ve got them in the following:

1 x Red 20mm (been purchased)
1 x Blue 20mm (conditionally purchased)
1 x Yellow 20mm (conditionally purchased)
1 x Black 10mm (conditionally purchased)

Selling each sheet for £30. DM me for details.



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I really want to know what glorious robot needed all those colours at once.

Also if that yellow sheet is still there come payday I’m absolutely having it. You doing Brawl?

It was for a featherweight Polly (my beetleweight), but never got round to it due to Covid, and moving house twice.

The yellow sheet is still available, though have had a few messages asking about it!

Will be at Brawl; judging!

Cant seem to update the original thread.

The Red and Blue pieces are now sold. The Yellow and Black are conditionally purchased.

I think it’s because you’re new it only lets you update so many times :slight_smile: