22nd April 2023: North Down Havoc: BBB's 5th Birthday Party - Farmyard Robot Combat - BEVs, Ant Pub Social & Camp out

SATURDAY, 22 APRIL 2023 AT 12:00
North Down Havoc: BBB’s 5th Birthday Party - Farmyard Robot Combat - BEVs, Ant Pub Social & Camp out

Save the date! BBB is turning 5 years old and we’re returning to the Somerset cider farm that birthed Nuts 2 and Two-Headed Death Flamingo to celebrate and fight BEVs featherweights & ants!

BEVs (Sportsman-ish featherweights, more info at bbb.gd/bevs) Signups for BEVs featherweights are full. Proof of mobility required by 8th April to confirm your entry.

No signups for antweights, just bring them along - £5 donation to help cover costs to bbb.gd/donate thanks :heart:

12pm: BEVs tech checks
1pm: BEVs tournament
7.30pm: BBB 5th Birthday party - pub ants, music, BBQ

:tent: Paid camping available (£15 per pitch paid at the bar)
:train2: 10 mins drive/taxi from Crewkerne Rail Station
:red_car: Free parking at the venue
:hamburger: Bring food or order delivery
:beer: Excellent homemade cider as well as beer, soft drinks and snacks from North Down Orchard!
:eyes: Spectating free and encouraged!

Any advice for a first-time BEVVER, tips or suggestions for not just the robot part but the whole event in general?

it’s a fairly weird one, its almost like pub non damaging ants but with feathers

  • you’ll get at least 3 fights in round robins (one 3 way at least two 1v1s)
  • Probably the most damage you’ll get is falling down the pit (it’s a big drop)
  • Charge your batteries as soon as your fight ends as sometimes we found lipos running out was the issue. turn arounds can be fairly quick (depends on the final turn out of bots) like pub ants
  • otherwise arena style and fights are basically like beetles without the spinners :stuck_out_tongue:

Farm side, it’s just a big ol farm with cider and camping, we’ll have a dandy party in the eve a bit like the xmas do to celebrate 5 years of bbb :slight_smile:

Thoughts from other past BEVs competitors? @Jack @Filo @Craig @teamBotchef @Milo

Excited for you to test out frog in non melee form :slight_smile:

Sample the cider would be my advice!

But yeah lipo straight on charge post fight. Other than that it’s pretty low stress imho.

Chat with people, look at robots, drink some cider, pet the lovely dog. Have fun :grin:

Yep absolutely my advice would be gear up for those fast turnarounds if you wanna get tonnes of fights and whiteboards in!

would defo recommend petting the Dog


All the fights from the BEVs arena on Saturday with timestamps :slight_smile: