22nd June 2024: BBB x W&T June Ants

Our next dedicated Ant event:

BBB x W&T June Ants
Event page

:beers: Mini robot wars in a brewery - free to spectate.
:round_pushpin: Wiper & True Taproom, Unit 11, City Business Park, Bristol, BS5 0SP, ~1pm-6pm
:train2: 25 mins walk from Bristol Temple Meads Station, 10 mins walk from Lawrence Hill Station
:red_car: Free street parking Trinity Street, Waterloo Road and Waterloo Street
:beer: Excellent beer, cider, soft drinks from Wiper & True
:rice:Delicious Japanese street food from Eatchu

:robot: MORE INFO FOR ROBOTEERS - Signups open soon. We’ll be fighting:

  • 1v1 Full combat Antweights - AWS rules except 200x200mm starting square.
  • 2v2 PLANTS (Plastic ants) - AWS rule except active weapon rule, plastic chassis & weapons, no acetate, 200x200mm starting square.

Full rules: bbb.gd/arules As usual this is in a public environment so bring minimal tools and share pit space as much as possible!

:crossed_swords: ARENA: Beetle style layout - one out of the arena zone and a lowering pit - the pit button will be enabled 30 seconds into the fights.

~1pm arrive & check in
~1.30pm Round robin 1v1 full combat round robin tournament
~3pm 2v2 Plastic BAnts round robin tournament
~5pm remaining 1v1 full combat fights

:b: Bristol Bot Builders: Combat robot builders and Robot Wars fans in Bristol and South West England. Regular Feather, Beetle & Ant events! bristolbotbuilders.com

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We’ve just opened up signups to compete at this at bbb.gd/wat

See you guys in June!


Does the BBB team have any plans for broadcasting events? I know a lot of people would be interested in following but can’t make the trip, and it would be great for showing off all the excellent builds.


A good question! Most of our venues (being outdoors) aren’t well suited to streaming and we have our hands pretty full running the events.

Buuuut we will always stream our two major beetle events with help from amazing streamboss Steven - brawl and champs in Feb and Oct each year - you can see past streams here.

We will always post all fights from every event to our youtube :slight_smile:

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All fights from yesterday! We’ve got a new recording system that auto records the fights and now captures the audio from the bots, the arena, commentary and crowd ! :slight_smile: All the fights are timestamped.