23 March 2024: BBB x 395: March Ants

We’re excited to announce our first antweight event of 2024 on 23rd March! Event link: fb.me/e/1NHgyYLoT

It’s awesome that 395 Bristol have approached us to do some robot fighting in their creative venue after enjoying some of our brewery events! They’ve got a super unique space with projectors so we should be able to do some cool stuff, it has a bar and also excitingly we get to do an ant event on a Saturday!

Competitors signups are open now: bbb.gd/395


Is there a deadline for sign-ups? I’ve got an ant in the pipeline but I’m unsure if it will be ready or I’ll be able to make the event. Don’t want to accidentally leave it too late.

Hey, no strict deadline for our ant events signups, they’re pretty relaxed :slight_smile:

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Thanks to everyone who came to compete or spectate! We’ll have more news on our June ant event very soon. Fights from Saturday:

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