25 June 2023: BBB: Big Boat Bash - Antweight Robot Wars on a boat!

**Tickets/Sign up: bbb.gd/signup **

On Sunday 25th June at 1.30pm we host our first ever event on a moving boat, with super limited spaces.

You will be able to join us for 3 hours on a boat cruising Bristol’s Floating Harbour and the River Avon upstream, departing from Bristol Packet Boat Trips on Gas Ferry Road next to Brunel’s SS Great Britain. The boat has a licensed bar, WC, covered seating and we’ll of course be bringing our antweight arena along for the ride!

If this all sounds like your bag, we’d love for you to come along! Get a ticket/sign up at bbb.gd/signup. Only those with tickets may board!

Ant Rules: Bristol Bot Bucks:
In the interest of maintaining a fairly casual, relaxed and interesting antweight atmosphere, we will be running a format where you may challenge any other competitor (who has not yet agreed to another fight), in the interest of winning Bristol Bot Bucks!
You may challenge any other roboteer to a battle:

  • Each competitor puts 1 of their 3 Bot Bucks into the prize pot for each match, and the winner takes both.
  • If you are challenging someone with more Bot Bucks than you, they cannot reject your challenge without forfeiting a Bot Buck to you.
  • If you are challenging someone with less Bot Bucks than you, they are permitted to reject your challenge with no consequence.


Jumped at the chance! Super cool theme. Hopefully nabbed myself and the missus a ticket and I can knock around my toys and have a few beverages with like-minded chaps and chappettes.

Now I just have to finish one antweight in… two months.

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Just to say that this one filled up back in mid May!

Sadly quite limited on capacity for this one but we’re keen to try some different things while there’s tonnes of ant events going on round the UK at the moment - which is great to see.

This will be the first ant event from us without the cube rule (now just has to fit on a 200x200mm square with no overhangs) - see rules.

For those coming, we’ll see you onboard in a few weeks! :slight_smile:

It’s this Sunday - ticket holders check your email for all the info, see you then!

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Excellent times yesterday, I think for the size of boat and for time we had the whole Bristol Bucks / doubloons system seemed to work well - people mostly ran non spinner bots and got a decent number of fights while also enjoying a relaxed cruise down the river! I think we’d potentially do it again next year. Definitely welcome feedback from any attendees.

We did miss the exiting fights of a full combat tournament, but that definitely would be less suitable with the time and space of an actual moving boat!
Our next pub ant event will be 1st October!

As usual we’ll have the ant arena at Subterranean Showdown 6th August, more info here.

Fights from yesterday: