25th May 2024: BBB x LHG Pub Beetles

BBB x LHG Pub Beetles - Announcement!

Event page: https://fb.me/e/eZajAciSJ

BBB are thrilled to be working again with one of the best breweries in the country Left Handed Giant Brewing Co… at the awesome LHG Taproom, to bring you our very first Pub Beetles event on Saturday 25th May. A relaxed afternoon of bots battles and beers! Amazing poster by Yeo.

We will be running our new slightly less destructive Pub Beetles rule modifiers (full info at bbb.gd/brules); mainly it’s plastic spinners and limited ground game, which should be a quick modification for most bots. We’re treating this as primarily a small test event for this Pub Beetle ruleset, allowing us to see what we should change in future, and to make sure everything is ready for full combat in our new arena - we’ll do some full combat whiteboards too to give the arena a proper knock about.

Public signups will open Thursday April 11th 7-8pm using a lottery system, though we will open priority signups earlier to our past year’s event crew as a thank you for their hard work and passing up on opportunities to compete themselves in order to make our events happen. Their dedication is a huge part of how we’ve managed to make this arena a reality!


Signups for May 25th BBB x LHG Pub Beetles on are this Thursday, 11th! Our lottery form will be open from 7-8pm at bbb.gd/pub, with a question confirming your entry adheres to our Pub Beetles ruleset modifiers.

Along with testing our brand new Beetleweight arena, we’ll be trialling these Pub Beetle modifiers as a way to allow for visceral and spectacular fights that are just a little less destructive. One of the big things we’re trying, and encouraging, is plastic spinners. We think this will allow for some really exciting fights without the worries of being written off that some of the spinners can threaten.

You can read our full beetle ruleset along with all the Pub Beetles modifiers including plastic spinners and changes to the ground game over at BBB.gd/brules

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All fights from yesterday! We’re chuffed with how the arena performed :slight_smile:

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