28th of October - Nottingham Hackspace (Ants and Sandbotz)

Hi folks, quick date for your diary here!

We are planning an Antweight event at the Hackspace in Nottingham on Saturday 28th of October. This will be a full combat tournament with a few side contests, and we will also be trialling a Sandbotz contest with the arena full of sand.

Details TBD shortly, but we will have a weight limit of 300g and no other unusual restrictions for the Sandbotz class (bespoke designs welcome, but you can use two Ants as a cluster if they can cope with the terrain).

Hope to see you there!


Excellent! So glad you’re gonna try the offroady sand thing, have chucked on the calendar!


Thanks Joe! I’ve got a couple of daft ideas for the sand robots so if nothing else there’ll be enough for one fight…

I am currently flat out trying to get ready for SubShow (and I suspect Steve is in the same boat) but we should be able to get some details of rules and costs out in a few days.

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Hi all, signups are now live for this event!

Please sign up here: https://forms.gle/LHbAwgkMBDbDy1Cw6

We’re collating event info on the Hackspace wiki. Let us know if you have any queries.



As well as the obvious change to the arena for the Sandbotz competition, we are also experimenting with the “victory conditions” for fights a bit. Rather than referees/judges having to make a subjective assessment of movement (outside a circle? controlled? just twitching) the winner has to occupy the opponent’s starting square.

Hopefully this will simplify things a little and add a slightly different feel to the end of the fight, even if the outcome is functionally very similar. I’d be interested to hear what folk think of this change though!

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