4th November 2023: BBB Beetle Champs 2023

BBB Beetle Champs 2023 - Save the Date! Event page

As our next beetle event approaches, it’s always good to look beyond at what’s coming up, and we’re proud to announce our annual Beetleweight Championships will take place on November 4th this year at St Michael’s Centre, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, 2 mins walk from Bristol Parkway train station.
It’s our biggest event of the year and easily one of our favourites, sure to be another fantastic day of hotly contested fights!

Signups will take place on September 16th using the lottery system we trialed for Subterranean Showdown - more details to follow!


BBB Beetle Champs 2023 SIGNUPS!

Signups for competitors are this Saturday 7-8pm. All the info you need is at bbb.gd/champs23 :slight_smile:

Spectator Tickets available now: hdfst.uk/e94086


Signups are tonight!
7-8pm at BBB.gd/champs23

Thanks for everyone who signed up, it’s always awesome to see so many people wanting to come compete at our events!

We’ve emailed out the lottery allocations, check your junk mail.

And if you didn’t get a slot do check out the other fantastic beetle events happening this autumn/winter in the UK at bbb.gd/calendar 🙂

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Had to share here - a collage of some of the bots coming this Saturday :slight_smile:


Livestream link for Saturday: bbb.gd/stream

We will be live from 11am GMT! :slight_smile:

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All the fights from Champs with timestamps:


Huge love for this event, honestly felt super smooth (not that prior events weren’t, mind) but it came across super slick.

Robots have gotten to an incredible standard now and it’s leading to some fantastic fights and ideas on show.


Always a pleasure coming over - the venue is one of the best of its kind.

Here’s an impression of what went down this weekend:


Album of bot potraits and event photos from photography student Otis are now up :slight_smile: