🦀 Ant Grab Crab Build!

Thought I’d try some TPU and PLA-ST and actually finish an ant for one of our events for once.
Before the event:

After he was paste.


After paste: (lost all tyres, weapon mech ripped off, but servo and all 4 drive motors still work!)

Also featherweight for scale!


look at this little lad, he is just vibing.


Never Speak to me or my Grandson ever again.

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What a cute wee crab lad! Love it.

Do wonder if having your wheels exposed at the front was perhaps asking for your tires to be sniped tho? :stuck_out_tongue:
Could you extend the wheel guards forwards and round to cover the front and act as feeder wedglets to get people up onto the lifter maybe?

Great wee build regardless though! - love seeing robots span multiple weight classes

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Yeee, it’s good shout.

I was rushing out the cad but original plan was front wej off the wheel guards with some forks off it to stabilise the lifts too, lacking either meant both floppy lifts and a lot of abuse from a v scary horizontal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Joe,

Great build,

how heavy is this? have you tried putting a gun on it? Maybe a taser would be a good idea!

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This guy. I like his suggestions.

I always like seeing the big crab/little crab stacks, going back to the ant/beetle/fev Crabsolutely Clawfuls.

shout, I need to stack all 3 grab crabs if they’re ever all in one piece at the same time.