Antweight safety for a newbie

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’ve made several antweights over the years but none for the live scene, so wanted to know some basic safety questions so I don’t get caught out when I eventually go to one.

1: Do antweights require a fuse of some kind, as I’ve found no info about this?

2: Do antweights need dedicated power lights, or does the light on an ESC ect count for this task if visible?

3: Does the 250mph tip speed limit apply for this class, or is the rating slower for safety reasons?

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:



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To answer your questions,

  1. No fuse needed
  2. ESC light counts, just needs to be visible
  3. No tip speed limit for now

Hope this helps

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Cheers mate, that’s what I thought but wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

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Don’t think there is any requirement for LEDs at all is there at ant weight?

I’ve not seen any rulesets that require a power light on an Antweight.
FRA build rules do technically require a power light on all weight classes, but practically all Antweight events use either the AWS rules (which don’t require them) or a derivative thereof.

It’s also worth noting that Antweights don’t require removable links, a simple slide switch is fine.

From the AWS rules

2c) Robots must have an externally accessible way of being shut down (e.g. a power switch, removable link or battery plug) that can be operated without tools. - we’ve tried to collate all the variations in UK rules here as some events follow AWS rules, some follow FRA

But for your questions - no fuse or powerlight required, no tip speed is true across all events currently.

All events are strict on spinners needing a power switch or link, less so for non spinners.

Locking bars are welcome but again not currently required (I think they’re getting more common at Dojo?)

I need to clarify with EOs running FRA rules as some of the safety stuff for beetle and up doesn’t seem to apply.

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