Antweight weapon?

I am designing an antweight horizontal spinner and I want its weapon to be like a pizza cutter(Metal circle with no ridges). Is this a viable weapon? I have not seen it used in combat by any other robots so I am wondering if it should be more like a traditional horizontal spinner blade.

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The issue with being a pizza cutter is, you wont be hitting dough. TPU and PLA wont get sliced with no teeth. small tiny sawtooths likely would work way better.

and maybe as a theme surgestion, you could make a pizza slice bar spinner :stuck_out_tongue:

When designing a spinning disc to cause the most damage you want to utilize as much of the kinetic energy from the disc spinning with your hit. By having a big single tooth on your disc you create a lot of bite so all the energy from your disc spinning is translated into hitting your opponent with one hit.

If you have a completely smooth disc you will have no bite when it hits your opponent and it is likely to skim off them, it is a poor use of the amount of energy generated by the weapon’s spin.

You could go with lots of teeth like a saw but you would need your opponent to be staying still for the whole time you are slicing them, better suited to a overhead saw or vert than a horizontal that would ricochet away.

I would recommend going for a disk or bar with one or two teeth to do some real damage. I love the pizza theme though, everyone’s favorite bots have a theme, check out Ripperoni from battle bots they nail the pizza theme with their robot.

Every spinner was like this until the hypnodisk attacked.