Approximation Robotics Antweight Shenanigans

I thought I’d make a thread for all the antweight stuff I get up to rather than have separate threads for each one.

I went to Sub Showdown last weekend and had a great with with Percussive Maintenance XL. For those who don’t know, it is a kiwi drive axe bot, a fusion of two of my antweights, Stack Underflow (kiwi drive undercutter) and Percussive Maintenance (A series of axebots). Immediately upon getting back home from that, I started CADing an antweight version!

The whole thing is 3D printed out of PLA-ST (black) and TPU (white), and is a 1/2 scale version of PMXL! In order to make weight, material has been removed from a lot of places, so details such as the thickness of the skirt is not the same, but the external dimensions are exact.

I’m running N10s for drive and a Kingmax KM1203MDT with a 4:1 reduction for the axe. And yes, that is a mini-spanner for the weapon - it’s a theme that I’ve kept throughout the whole series! All the control is done with a Malenki Nano, with mixing turned off so I can do the proper kiwi drive mixing on my transmitter. The rear wheel runs off the brushed weapon channel, so it has no braking, so this setup is a bit of a hack, but is the lightest solution out there.

Have some test footage

This should make its way to Robodojo at the end of the month alongside my beetles PMXL and DJ2. It is the first antweight that I’ve made that does not fit the 4 inch cube, so will not be able to run at AWS.


That’s a work of art! Amazing job. :slight_smile: