BBB Beetleweight Arena!

It’s time for the worst kept secret in BBB history, we’ve been spending the better part of a year designing and building a brand new full combat Beetleweight arena!

The new box will become our signature arena for all our Beetleweight events in future and you can expect all sorts of fun Gareth gadgets to be fitted as time goes on…

Designed to fit onto a small trailer and be assembled at speed, this arena gives us the flexibility to finally do what we’ve always been dreaming of. That’s right, in the vein of our fun-first, competition-second ant & feather events, we are aiming to run some casual pub beetle events… More on that very soon.

All this of course means we will be moving away from using Dave Weston’s fantastic arena. We are so grateful to Dave for all he does for the community, travelling across the country regularly to support the scene. We hope building our arena allows Dave a little more freedom to enter some events without worrying about the arena!

Thanks to everyone for your support with our events. It’s thanks to years of everyone’s entry fees and spectator tickets that we’ve been able to finally afford this mammoth undertaking and we’re super excited to share the build log (here?) and take it for a spin when it’s finished!


A few video clip updates of arena tech and building:

We’re almost ready for it’s debut on the 25th of this month! :slight_smile: