BBB Shop Antweight Parts CAD Files

Will update this post and the stores page as we go! If anyone can help with any CADs, greatly appreciated! :heart:



Other Electronics

Weapon Stuff


FS2A CAD can be found online -

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I have a rough and ready CAD of the switch: switch.stl - Google Drive

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Slightly better switch part.

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Hi, I’ve made a reasonably accurate of the 44mm wheel:

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Just noticed that the N20 model from the shop is a teeny bit off - the various gearbox plates weren’t quite lined up, so you can end up with things being 0.0033mm out and whatnot. Everything is parallel but seems they’re just shifted up/down relative to the motor body.

Probably doesn’t matter for most people but I’m a bit obsessive about things like that, but it could cause issues if you’re referencing off it in a model.

Corrected version here, plus I’ve tweaked a few of the dimensions based on the N20 currently on the desk in front of me (of course YMMV in terms of the exact sizes).

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Thanks so much! Will update

I’ve made a rough cad of the v2.2 dual esc here

Modelling heatshrink is unpleasant, so I kind of gave up


Just added N10 CAD :slight_smile: - from Jack / Shakey

Would it be possible to get the Brushless motor file in a STEP. I can’t open the current one because I don’t have SOLIDWORKS.

No probs have added that now :slight_smile:

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Added High speed servo CAD from Tom :slight_smile: