BBB Shop: New Products

It’s shameless plug BBB shop time! New products, check them out :slight_smile:

We’ve had a very exciting week as now we stock new shiny Repeat Drive Max brushless motors that are super popular in the US at the moment!

And our very own Gareth has made dual versions of the BBB beetle ESCs with all the great features of the singles (current limiting, 4S, BEC) but with built in mixing!

The shop’s back and delivering orders after our break!

With that we have a new product from the legendary Robson Robotics - Malenki-HV - all the great specs of the Malenki-Nano triple ESC & Receiver but with 4S lipo support and 3A per channel! very spicy.

Check it out:

More exciting new products coming soon :eyes:

An exciting day in UK antweights! We’ve teamed up with our pals at Nuts And Bots to offer N10 gearmotors - these are smaller and lighter than our N20s but with extra power and a little more toughness! Check them out:


New product! Repeat Robotics AM32 35A 6S Brushless Drive ESCs - for those who want that extra control over their beetle brushless drive particularly at low rpms, or even the option to go up to 6S, these are the thing for you:


New product! BBB Dual Ant ESC v3 - 40% smaller than v2, but still all the great specs and price - 4S support, 4A peak per side, center breaking, built in mixing, BEC and the only soldering required is the motor terminals!
Final few v2s are reduced to clear too ! :slight_smile:

New products gold bling time from Repeat Robotics! Eco hubs for foam wheels and screw hubs for custom wheels/weapon arms :slight_smile:

Both have two M4 grubs for securely attaching to shafts and we have them in both 4mm and 6mm bore options.

Having made our 22mm face mounts for the last 4 years now :open_mouth: thought it was time for a little update, v2 come in very stealthy black nylon 6 and are now 26x26mm (down from 30x30mm) so you can make slightly smaller chassis with it… Toyed around with different shapes but decided a square mount is the friendliest for mounting with hand built bots :slight_smile:

We now stock the FS2A 4CH Flysky receivers both unsoldered (as before) and now pre-heat shrunk and soldered - this is mainly reducing the amount of soldering on the ant kit for new builders or reducing the fiddly soldering for people building larger bots :slight_smile:

image image

New product! BBB AM32 Brushless Drive ESCs - awesome control for brushless beetle drive at a great price. We ran these in Lob-ster at the weekend and they ran great :slight_smile:

Two new beetle products in stock from Repeat Robotics!

Repeat compact - tiny & lightweight but powerful brushless drive:

Repeat AM32 dual - two brushless drive ESCs and a BEC in a tiny package perfect for beetle drive:

Example bot - Thomas’ Baby Dead Bod ran an AM32 dual at Rapture last weekend with Repeat Max on drive and it worked great!

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Gah, just when I didn’t want to spend any more money. Picked up an AM32 dual as it is honestly going to solve a bunch of headaches and dip me back some precious grams as I fly to close to the sun with a new build. Nice expensive high end bit of kit I am going to make drive £2 aliexpress motors. Hype.

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