Bby Shrekt build diary

Decided to actually start proper build logs of all of my robots, starting with Bby Shrekt. Unfortunately a lot of the early build pictures have been lost to time but I’ve got enough to at least give and idea how the bot goes together.

So I started the build in very late 2021, ( after Ogredrives latest disappointing event) . And it then stayed on a shelf for months. I put off building a beetle Shrekt for so long but at this point I just kinda did it because I could. Rough specs initially were as follows (basically nothing has changed except for the weapon rpm).

Chassis - A mixture of 10mm (frame) and 6mm (armour) Rg1000, and 3mm hdpe.

Drive - 2 BBB 22mm brushed motors running on BBB v1 brushed escs.

Weapon - 120mm diameter, 8mm thick, 350g hardox 500 disc.

Weapon running gear - 2836 1800kv motor running off a 30a Afro esc @ 4s LIHV. Weapon rpm is roughly 13k rpm with a 2.8:1 pulley reduction.

Early build frame pictures, about as simple a frame as you can get.

The original disc set up, still uses basically the same to this day although there’s a much larger gap between disc and motor pulley.

Best images I have of the internals, everything is extremely compact inside.

The current fork/wedgemounts, these allow the longer forks to remain compliant to the floor whilst keeping the robots weight on the very tips. Both the wedge and fork mounts have the same mounts through the bulkheads.

A collection of Beauty shots of the current machine/s

I’ll likely add any more images I find/take but hopefully that gives people an idea how the machine goes together. Happy to answer any questions that people may have.

Cheers, Sam


I think hatchet in the FRA forums was one of the first builds I saw that inspired me past doing some printed ants at uni, so thanks for joining and sharing your build process here! Always appreciate all the hand built plastic chassis, looks very clean.

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That’s very kind! Always nice to hear you’ve at least partially inspired someone to give it a go. There may be a new Hatchet soon, depending on time/money etc.