Beetle Brushless ESC sizing

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations on Brushless ESCs for Beetle weapons? What’s are ‘go-to’ models in this weight class?
Planning to use Turnigy D2836/8 1100kv motor for a belt-driven drum - but having only made ants before I’m not sure what ESC to pair up with that. The motor is rated as 18A / 300W and I’ll be using 3S LiPO - but would I really get away with any 20A-rated ESC, like an Afro 20, or even the tiny BBB 20A ESCs I normally use for ants? Feels like it needs something beefier but I don’t want to go overboard and waste weight and space where it’s not needed.
Any suggestions wd be most welcome.

Hey Stuart!

I use an Aria 70a on Area & a Talon 40a Slim on my vert! The 70a is probably a bit oversized, but the 40a was great.

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DYS Aria 70A 3-6S BLHeli 32Bit Dshot1200 OPTO ESC with LED



I think you’d struggle with a 20a ESC of any description as it’ll get pretty unhappy pretty quick, just getting roasting hot and potentially burning up or (if smart enough) hobbling your weapon power to save the controller. Back when I used to run a 2826 it would easily peak about 45a spinning up for a couple of seconds.

30 or 40a is where I’d start looking. I know some people still run 30a Afros but they’re pretty hard to track down. Any multirotor controller like something BLheli based in that range should see you fine. They do weigh almost nothing now! Gone are the days of dumb plane style ESCS that weighed like 50g alone!

Thanks guys - I’ll see what I can find in the 35-40 amp range. Looks like it’s a case of just picking whatever UK suppliers have in stock on the day.

Doh - just twigged why they make them with the long-thin form factor; it’s so you can just strap it to the arms of a quad-copter frame. Anyway, managed to find somewhere that had the DYS ARIA Slim 40A in stock, so I’ see how I get on with that one.

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