Beetle weight EMP Build

Little build Log for the build of EMP mk3 a new version of an older 4 bar flipper redesigned to a more refined rear hanged flipper. Sadly my picture taking was lacking throu this build but wanted to log what I did document :slightly_smiling_face:

The build started with the bulk of the chassis being done from 20mm HDPE and 3mm Carbon Fiber

The chassis has a 15mm HDPE drive pod with 2x repeat drive motors and 2mm lexan mounts with a little gap for any electrical bits I could fit (not a lot in the end haha)

Any armor I can claim on this robot was some Lovely TPU printed by the wonderful Joe M :heart:

Flipper pins were all silver steel as it’s what I had to hand and were threaded to M5 and had little spanner flats to assist with installation.

Thisis the first version of the flipper linkage l. Sadly not the last as I ended up making it longer and ditched the brass nut for just a grub screw for eas of installing it to the gearbox running the flipper (much nicer in the long run)

Small bronze bushes turned up for the sliver steel axels that were to mount the back slave wheels on the drive pod.

Some pins that would run through some TPU bungs to mount the drive pod for easy disassembly at an event. Some small holes for the retention that was a set of R clips.

Told myself tapping Titanium was not fun and I shouldn’t bother with fiddly custom parts unless I seemingly hatted myself… So hear I am making small ti shaft collars for the drive :upside_down_face:

The flipper hinge was again silver steel (8mm) but fully hollow to save them grams as you do.

Last bits done on the bot before BBB were some heat bent HIPs armor… If you can call it that :sweat_smile:

End bot was underweight so had a blast at BBB with Jack F and his mini bot. Was a great time and was very happy with the event in general.


Gorgeous execution, wish there was more pictures of the guts.

Not the best pics but this is a better look at the new linkage and the rest of the gubs (even more crammed as its just squished back in to the bot after the comp) but you can see the little covers and such.

You’ve made an absolutely beautiful bot!

What motor do you use for the weapon?
Also, how do you keep consistent traction with the wheels so far back from the centre of mass? I’m guessing chunky magnets with the way it was driving at brawl

was some magnets yes (about 1.2kg on contact) but removed them in the end. weight was about 70-30 to the back so goes pretty well without tbh.

Flipper motor is a 3000KV Racestar inrunner (about a 5034ish size)