Brushless motor wiring

quick question does it matter what wires go to what place on the esc from the motor?

Kind of, depending on the order of the motor wires, the motor will spin a certain way with the transmitter input. When I built my RC car I just experimented until it went the way I wanted. If you don’t want to fiddle around I assume you can change it on the transmitter.

Edit: What Harry has put sums it up a lot better. I was a bit vague on how to change it. Sorry.

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thanks cosmosrobotics

Yes and No.

What I mean by this is, yes the order the wires are connected will have an effect on the way the motor spins but no, for a sensorless motor where you just have the 3 wires to connect there isn’t a set way.

Hook them up, see if it is spinning the correct way. If not swap any two of the wires and it will be reversed.

If it is a bidirectional (i.e. drive) esc you can potentially reverse channels to desired operation but if its going to be for a spinning weapon you’ll be better off changing it physically. Normally changing the settings on the transmitter will just invert the input. Your motor will still spin the “wrong” way you’d just have to pull the throttle down instead of push it up to make it do so. YMMV


To change the direction physically you just need to swap any two of the motor wires.