Configuring an A6100e and DX6i control setup


Utter basic question for my first one on the board :).

Ive got the fingertech vyper kit at home (well, 2 of them actually) and I’ve one set up with the supplied flysky and paired controller. All the esc’s etc work and I can drive the bot with just the right stick, leaving the left for the flipper etc.

However, my second one has a dx6i controller and paired a6100e receiver and I cant get the programming right…

Either I have to have 1 stiick per wheel or I can put both onto the right stick, but this means to drive straight I have to push the stick diagonally etc.

How do I adjust this?

I know people will say “It’s all about channel mixing, just read the controller manual” but I’ve no idea what the relevant terms are to see what I need to adjust.

The Left motor is on the AILE channel and the Right on the ELEV.

I really need not so much an idiots guide but an absolutely moronic numpty guide as to where to go in the controller, what to “Mix” and adjust etc…

Cheers :),


Hey Stu!

Welcome to the forum!

We have a guide to mixing here - however it is for the Devo 7E & Flysky FS-i6, but you should be able to follow the steps for the devo and adjust accordingly for your dx6i using its manual. It’s called Elevon mixing and I’ve just found a similar video for your transmitter:

Also just in case you’ve not been told before the Viper kits are the 1lb weightclass which unfortunately we don’t compete in in the UK at public events - we compete at 150g (ant) and 1.5kg (beetle)

Cheers :). The kits are more for home use between me and the lad… :).

I’ve loads of bits for the Antweight class and could slap some weight onto the vyper to bring it up I guess ;).


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I reckon if you fitted 22mm gearmotors and some chunky hdpe armour on the vipers you could have a pretty sweet beetle cluster

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Currently cutting some aluminium sheet to bolster the armour and add spinner protection etc. one is using the metal chassis and the other using plastic….

Managed to sort out the mixing :). Cheers for the pointers. I just needed to get one motor running in the right direction then work out whether I needed to send a positive or negative 100% signal to the other motor, depending on whether the control signal was reversed or not.

Complicated but nailed it :).


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