Cortex Antweight (First Post)

Taps Mic is this thing on, first post here feel free to flame any mistakes you can see Im sure there wont be a shortage, after a little wedge bot i decided to take on my first tombstone replica which I have decided to name Cortex.

(Latest CAD View)

Initially I did go for a simple frame out of PLA and this did run but of course PLA is not ideal and the frame being one part took an insane amount of support material

(Humble beginnings for sure)

For mark II I have decided on nylon for the weapon frame and tpu 95A for the chassis I then added a switch location on the top frame

All internals bar the lipo have been purchased from BBB and Im pleased to say they work wonderfully so far only problem is my lack of soldering prowess.

Thats it so far if anyone has actually bothered reading thank you!!! and as ive said already any suggestions are certainly welcome


Hi David, welcome to the forum!

Thats looking good for a second bot! I look forward to seeing it in the arena

I do have a few suggestions, just to save you from learning these things the hard way:

  • Your weapon frame looks quite thin. You might find it flexes on impact and so that your weapon hits your chassis. You do have a fair bit of clearance though, so it might be fine.
  • It looks like you’re using solid wire for your electronics, which is prone to snapping when the bot gets shaken about. Stranded wire is much more robust
  • If you drill a hole either side of the motors and loop a cable tie over them it holds them in place nicely
  • I’d recommend insulating your electronics more thoroughly. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had an ant break due to a short circuit

Have fun building!


Thanks for the feedback TB!

Will certainly take these points into account especially the electronic points my heart has been broken many a time already this should be one heck of a journey

Been a few days and progress has been made (let me know if updates like these aren’t worthy of a post btw).

First I have committed plagiarism and tried a TPU hub as the ones from the shop are great but I wanted to save some weight and they slide in way easier I do know its unconventional so let me know if this is a big no no.

Brass heart threads have been added to the frames and chassis and 2 m3 screws should do the trick fingers crossed time will tell.

I redid the whole circuit with splayed wires and its a godsend in terms of durability as well as heat shrinking the splits and my malenki

Motor hubs have also been made and they should do the job with some hot glue on the underside of the base although future versions will be fixed via screw.

Lastly to get a feel for my weapon motors performance ive printed a PLA++ brick of a bar weighing 22g, of course not the final design.

Once again feel free to roast me and thanks to TBExtent from saving me pulling my hair out over re-soldering.