First Beetle Build Log: "Mr Prickles"

Your drive seems a bit slow for brushless 19:1 - are you running 2S batteries by any chance?

Nope - 3S. I did have the endpoints dialed back a bit during testing though.
Just checked it with an optical tachometer and it’s a steady 1,310 rpm on full fwds/reverse, which is pretty much what I’d expect from 2100kv motors with 19:1 gearbox and a ‘not-very-recently-charged’ 3S.
I have the mixing turned down by about 50% for steering though, cos I’m a terrible driver!

At the moment Thomas it’s just a friction fit (which is controllable to a degree by overtightening the little screws that attach the underneath part of the cover).
I did think about having another sliding latch at 90 degrees to lock the main sliding cover… but then I’d quickly disappear in a recursive loop of wanting locking catches for the locking catches, and that way madness lies.
So I’ll probably just keep it simple and rely on friction, plus maybe little dimples on the sliding mechanism, to help hold it in the closed position. I’ll also add another notch or a heavy chamfer on the outer edge, to make it easier for fat thumbs like mine to slide the cover open - and the link itself will have a little cable tie tail to pull it out with. At the moment the bigger challenge is pushing the link in - but for that I just need to make the opening a bit larger.
So, a bit more tweaking to do on the lid - then it’s back to the spine production line…

Ooh that is a nice setup inside. Looks ready for mass production!

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Having some fun in the sun playing ball with a beetleweight… The uneven Victorian brick surface makes steering a bit erratic but it’s still a great laugh.

Meanwhile, back on the bench, the final batch of spines (2mm this time) are taking shape

Sadly, despite the first-timer, early-bird sign-ups, we didn’t get a place for the Summer Bash - and at the moment I’m not certain I’ll be able to get up to Sheffield for Sceetles, so looks like Mr Prickles is going to be living in the cupboard for the foreseeable.
Guess I should have stuck to Ants!

It’s a shame when you are unable to compete for one reason or another, it definitely does feel bad to miss out on events. I say that from my current and previous experiences of being unable to go to events.

But my bit of advice would be to not get bogged down with the negative mindset or attitude of “I should have just stuck to this or that”. If you’re unable to compete then try and remain positive, make plans for events you’d like to apply for/fight at in the future.

And the time afforded could also give time to think about the bot you currently have and a way to improve it or something that can be tidied up on it, or even prepping spare parts so when you do know when the next event is, you can go into it better prepared than normal.