Gentle Way Robotics Antweights

Feed for all the antweights made so far and builds of future ones.


The first antweight I built was a 150g pneumatic flipper. It is pumped full of air with a bicycle pump through a check value. Air is stored in an asthma inhaler tank, fired by a servo pressing a 2 way valve. The flip is powered by a modified lego ram. Capable of flipping other robots more than1m in the air but you only get 4-5 flips out of it, and you can easily spend that self righting with backflips. More a proof of concept and a show bot than anything competitive.


Vertical spinner, tried to go for a different shape compared to the standard disc strapped to a box. The body shape is thick at the front to deflect. The single tooth disc was custom designed as a project by a student of mine and is liquid welded directly to the drum of the motor.
So far has gone 5-2 in its two events it but it could do with a redesign of the front end which at time struggles to get under its opponents, perhaps going more for reach or using forks? Experimenting to allow the body to be fully printed in TPU to prevent shattering but retaining rigidity in the weapon is also on the cards.


A horizontal glass cannon, features the largest disc I could get away with liquid welded directly onto the motor can. Also features carbon fiber inserted into the frame to added rigidity. Currently 2-5 in two events, not very competitive but not one of its fights have been boring, including blowing up motors, losing both its own wheels and taking off and hitting the roof. Not sure if I should refine the design or let it be a wild mess.

Fire Wall

A four wheel drive 360 lifter/pusher robot. Runs with four drive motors and two additional motors for the lifter. Was originally an experiment running on 4S lipo in a 3/4 charged state but the added benefit compared to wight was not worth it, still runs on 3s lipo and normally out speeds and pushes its opponent. The TPU lifter is more of a spinner defense and can also be used to “backflip” over robots that get under it. Currently 5-2 in two events, I plan to make the main frame also TPU and shave weight out of electronics to beef up its frame thickness.

Punch Bag

A common but very effective thingiverse build. It has been upgraded to run on 3S lipo and has 5 different weapon attachments including axes, lifters and grabbers. Used primarily as a dummy to fight my own spinners during either weapon tests or most often demo fights at kids parties. Hardly ever been rebuilt though thanks to the great design and armored front.

Flare Light

A modified Hexbug with a reskin, used for when kids want to have a go with a spinner and you want them to keep all their fingers.

Psychoframe Light

Also a Hexbug with a reskin, this one is a working replica of my featherweight.


An antweight replica of diotoir, complete with fur and lifter. Haven’t set it on fire yet.


Harry made this little 6 wheel guy for me, most reliable robot I have, just never stops dumping. Has a Large TPU lifter for fighting spinners but I have never had the heart to put the poor guy through it.

Build A Hammerbot kit

An antweight robot kit designed to be simple enough to be assembled by children and cheap enough to sell for £70 with a small mark up. Features everything for a working robot within antweight rules including a transmitter and receiver, battery, charger and different weapon and front end options.


That’s a lot of fire themed robots! Diotoir does desperately need burning. It’s tradition at this point that all robots with Diotoir fur to either be in the arena with sergeant bash or light itself on fire the moment the battle starts.