Hammertime with OpenTX - a brief tutorial

Let me start this off by saying this is by no means an exhaustive guide and I myself am very new to this! However, hopefully this helps someone out who comes across the same sorts of issues I have… namely, running hammers into endstops and trying to figure out a solution. Scott (Attitude Adjuster) and Alex (Saw Loser) were both invaluable in their knowledge.

This will work for you if you have an OpenTX transmitter and can use the OpenTX Companion software for it.
I never used ‘logical switches’ until this and taught myself they are pretend switches that can turn on or off in particular circumstances.
Here, Logical Switch 1 ‘L01’ is triggered on for only 0.5 seconds when one of the shoulder buttons on my transmitter is pushed down (at 100). Logical Switch 2 ‘L02’ is triggered on for 0.5 seconds when that same button is released (at -100)

Then, we can use those logical switches as ‘real’ switch inputs for the special functions - so when Logical Switch 1 ‘L01’ is on (for 0.5s when the button is pushed etcetc) the hammer is sent at max power, then when Logical Switch 2 ‘L02’ is on (for 0.5s when button released) it retracts at 50%

I’m sure there are nicer implementations of this but I had no time and just wanted to send it, as seen in the video up there. Have a play if this is useful to you, it made using a hammer much more intuitive at LHG last weekend!


A great little write up - that points people in the right direction for deeper dives if they want.

Awesome work Craig! - Bop! is looking better every time I see the wee lad :purple_heart:

Right, I’m off to read up more on logical switches :stuck_out_tongue:

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