Han the Hammer V3 - A Wedgy Tanky thingymarobot

Hello there

i felt inspired to make one of these after reading a bunch of other peoples stuff.

So heres the timeline of Han the Hammer V3, or Han V3 to keep it simple :smile:

1: Wedge!

I was one day looking trough the battlebots wiki and saw a robot by team Duct Tape, Called Hyperdrive, and fell in love with it. I wanted to make this thing!

I mean, just look at this masterpiece!

2: Now, Design it

First step CAD, the Computer one. it was my first cad in Fusion so it looked a little rough. I needed this CAD to be able to Lasercut the 8mm Alu Frame.

The hottest CAD since sliced Bread

Now designing this thing, its a small boi. Nearly too small! It was a small Squeeeeze trying to fit everything in this when i got the frame, but it fit.

The CAD even had clipping motors, if only we could IRL

After this, i had the Alu laserededed by a local company and i could start putting it together.

Banana for scale!

3: Making it move

For electronics, we just used the standard stuff, so 22mm brushed motors, BBB v3 escs and the reciever that came with our Fly-Sky. Running a 650Mah 4s battery aswell!


Lil internal pic

for our wedge we were first gonna go for some good ol steel, then the kind gentleman from Team RCC gave us some 3mm Titanium to use for it! so we slapped some of that on for the Wedge and the bottem. our top and our first bottem plate were 4mm HDPE, which was the thinnest we had laying about. at the end, it was a very light boi, around the 1300 mark at its heaviest.

The boi getting semi completed

When we tested it first time, it drove nicely, but we found out it struggles to drive upsidedown, so i made something funky to make it run upsidedown!

and ofcourse, i couldnt forget to paint it and give it the most important thing any robot needs: GOOGLEY EYES

I see you

4: Invading Germany and learning from it

Our first event with the boi was in germany, ill make a writeup of that at some point

Spoiler, it was ouchies

But i learned some stuff from it about V3:
1: The forks was nice, just the floor did not like them.
2: Wheels were waaaayy too exposed and any hs ate em, we tried with wheelguards which did help a bit tho
3: The link kept exiting the robot, safe, but not a good thing mid fight.
4: the wedge was waaayy too small to deflect spinners propperly
5: Robot got stuck on its link on the wall…

So after this, i went back to the drawing board and wanted to redesign the wedge so it would protect the wheels, keep it from getting stuck on the wall and be large enough to deflect robots propperly. Me and my dad made it first out of Cardboard to get the right sizes, no CAD, just good ol eyeing it.

Our first design was a little overweight, like, the wedge itself was 1300 Grams. soooo we had to make it lighter.

Damn boi he thicc

After prob taking off half the wedge, we finally made weight with it!

5: Lets get Ready to RAPTUUURE!

For Rapture, we had 3 wedge options. The Chonky wedge, The Fork boi and The old Wedge we had.

Chonky and fork both were 4mm Hardox, stuff people run in Feathers.

For those wondering, this is it without the wedge

Besides that, i was still running the same electronics that i was running in Germany, which wasnt a good idea…


Phonix is one hell of a drug

To put it simply, the motors werent the happiest. But it ran and i was a bit hard headed with it

The event report on Rapture will come when its Uploaded :smile:

How it began, vs how it ended

6: Swimming back to the mainland

After Rapture, we had given away the Chonky wedge and just had the old one and the Forked one.

If im honest, we didnt do much to it to fix it after rapture, we had some other robots to make function.

All we did for the 2nd Germany event was changing the wheels to something different to test them

Dont mind the non me good looking bot at the top

7: Invading Germany Part 2

Hannover was a blast. and for V3 we had 0 issues, well, except not winning much. But it achieved a goal i wanted for a bot for ages. I had 0 Maintainance on it. Not even had to Charge the battery.

well, all untill the rumble, where a vert cleaved off a wheel and broke a motor but thats fiiiine.

After this event, i only fixed the motors and changed the wheels again for a Clubday we had. It was mainly driven by the crowd, and it kept working!

8: The Future of the Han

Now its the end of the year and its time to think forward.

The general idea is atm, keep it as is. Ive got many current projects that need my time and if it aint broke, dont fix it.

for the future i do wanna add a hitty stick to it to boop people on the top. and overall make it wider and run better inverted. but this is all for a later stage.

If u made it to here, youre an absolute legend. and i appriciate you reading the wacky tale of this boi.

ill keep it posted here if there are any new things comming to the boi.


Very small update on Han V3. New wheels have been added to hopefully create more grip, besides that, its staying the same for the comming comps.

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That front hinge in that one pic looks nice!

It’s nice to see han evolve and I’m looking forward facing it again :slight_smile:

Small update again from the DRG Clubday

I trailed using Accatate for a beetle.

It worked fine, untill i drove on the floor and it started shattering (dumb wood floors)

it also did burn through 2 motors i think trying to push with these new wheels.


And also now basically comes an end to it under my reign, it will see a few more events but its been sold off to Mr Battlebot collector himself. But maybe we will see a new one back whenever i can be arsed to remake it with the spare frames i got. or full on tpu.