Have an issue with my drive motors

First time builder here, anyone know why I’m getting these jitters when increasing throttle? Any help is much appreciated. Had to upload to youtube for audio as you can hear the jitter. All connections soldered


I would guess you’re looking at interference from a noisy motor. Try adding capacitors as described at https://shop.bristolbotbuilders.com/product/dual/, near the bottom of the page.

What motors are you using? Some are more prone to causing interference than others

Will give it a go and feedback tomorrow. They are the repeat max 24mm brushed motors. Dont think it could be down to a poor connection or anything simple?

I’ve not seen a poor connection cause that behaviour before. Brushed motors tend not to be that fussy about the connections. No harm in double checking your solder joints just in case, though.

I’d also check for sparks through the ventilation holes at the back of the motor. If you get sparks at the same time as the jitters you can be pretty sure its interference

Thanks for the reply, hopefully the capacitors will help.

Hey Will! Welcome to the forum!

These motors like many brushed motors just need a bit of running in when you first get them, if you have a look at the store page we’ve got some tips on that:

If you find the motors stuttering when driving them, running them in for a while and a 0.1 uf capacitor across the motor leads can help. We have tips on our single brushed ESC page for handling the added noise of high powered brushed motors.

But as Jed mentions the caps can also help if you’re still experiencing this after using them for a while.

I saw a similar issue with a duff receiver once as well, the pwm output was weird and it did something similar. If you have a spare receiver to try that could help diagnose it.

Was busy with work today and couldn’t get around to testing. Will definitely try running them in first for a while. Got the capacitors today so will use them if needs be. Thanks again

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All sorted guys, I ended up just putting a capacitor on each motor and letting it run in. No further issues. thanks for confirming it was interference.


Glad to hear it Will :slight_smile:

It’s worth checking the connections first to rule out any simple issues. If the connections are fine, the problem might be with the motors themselves.

Hey Maverick, Will’s already resolved this issue as he’s mentioned above - a lot of brushed motors need a bit of ‘running in’ to get them driving smoothly - the repeat max brushed are one of these motors and it’s the advice on the store page.