Hazard - Yolo Drive Antweight

HAZARD - An Antweight Too Fast For Its Own Good!

Hello there, and welcome to this build log of my 150g, uber fast wedge bot called Hazard.

After a few extremely unsuccessful first few antweights, I’d been struggling to come up with an idea that would help me get round my terrible driving at the time. Also, in the weeks before that, I had become a growing fan of Nuts, and its pure ethos of chaos, and was inspired to make a thwackbot.

Thus, Discombobulator was born:

It was a sort of crazy, last minute build using some INSANE 3000 rpm n30s from Tiny4x4, which unfortunately have such short shafts that Discombobulator’s main way of losing was having its wheels fly off!

After taking it to BBB Pub March (and losing all my fights :P), I still loved the brutal speed and power of the thing…

…so I decided to dare to ask the question - what if I put those motors in a wedge?!

Using an old chassis that wasn’t actually ever big enough for any drive electronics, I mocked up a prototype, to see how it would behave… (Gotta love a lipo taped to the front of a bot :P)

…and MAN does this thing perform!


Anyways, I’m just finishing up the CAD for a new chassis for this thing, with a focus on a big wedge and electronics at the front, to prevent wheelies, and I will update this as the build progresses. Adios!


Discombobulator was a tonne of fun at the pub, the pure speed and then bits flying off but it continuing to spin was great.

Good luck with the new build, looks promising!