Honk! - an avian trip through time

Before bop! season is truly underway for 2024, I wanted to do a quick thread starter for my longest running robot of all time, honk!.

honk! has of course seen many guises, from it’s early appearances as Mr Cat’s Mouse Mansion (2018-2021)

And Untitled Goose Robot (2022-early 2023)

Finally a brief pitstop as LORD FLIPPINGTONNE for BBC’s Boarders

Before making it to the honk! we see more recently. The rename comes simply because I based the new ‘look’ on my beetleweight bop!, as seen above.

This event in 2023 was a particular highlight:

For 2024 I wanted to finally give it the ability to at least drive in a straight line across an arena, which meant what I’d been putting off for a looong time. 4 wheels and belts.
I picked up some fixings and bushings I thought would be suitable, and planned to use some delightful donated HDPE for the new sets of wheels.

The ever wonderful Joe M printed up some pulleys for me and I learned how to green belt, after sorting the alignment slightly :sweat_smile:

For our next event in August I’m planning on adding tyres to the back wheels (the skid was nice but the grip will be better :slight_smile: a set of heavy duty scissors I picked up on Amazon have been game changing for bike tyre!) and making sure he looks on top form as always!