Houndeye - My first combat robot

This is my build log for my first combat robot, dubbed “Houndeye” (after the half-life 1 enemy). It’s a sportsman antweight. When finished it’ll be around 10 cm wide, 3 long and 1 tall (excluding wheels). Currently only the electronics and bottom panel are done, but once it’s finished it’ll be a lifter/grabber (I’m planning on making 2 interchangeable arms for specific matchups). I’ll admit, I have no idea about what I’m doing.

I would put up some images, but I’m writing this on my chromebook in my school’s library. Rest assure that the seat I’m in is indeed comfortable. I’ll post some images to this soon.

The robot runs on something around a 200 or 220 mAh LiPo, with the rest of the parts coming from the Bristol Bot Builders antweight kit. If you ask me, I’m in a similar situation to team Behemoth when making it’s first version: They have no idea how big to make it, and the only CAD of any kind I did was strapping the parts to a cardboard envelope thing to see if it worked.

I’ll update with photos soon.

Ok… Just a forewarning for when I get some photos. The craftsmanship of it is so poor that the only robots built worse are bodgebots and even then, it’s close. The wheels aren’t lined up, and the electronics are held on by duct tape and whatever solder’s left on the wheels. Experienced roboteers may want to avert their eyes.

Sounds great! :smiley:
Starting out is the most fun you can have in some ways, you have zero expectations that anything will work so even getting something to move gives a huge sense of accomplishment. When we went to our first comp one of my mates set the lofty objective of “being able to at least start the second fight of the day” which I think is a good aim for your first bot’s first outing.

I promised a photo so here’s one. As I said, experienced builders, avert your eyes.

Chopped up houndeye, ready for cooking!

I still have the switch to solder in, parts to cut and attach. I keep imagining it to be way taller than the side and back panels show. I think of it as 5-7.5cm tall, when it’s more like firestorm. The rear is incredibly open to lifters, but the front scrapes on the floor. That might even out?

For the future, I really want to make a drum spinner beetle. I subconsciously decided one day I wanted to make that a long line of robots that were all beetle drum spinners (current name “Drumroll”). My dad has some spare parts. There’s the idea of it being a wedgebot, but a 4wd cage spinner could be a possibility (to cover the standard antweights).

Now I’ve written this, I have a good reason to get the side panels on and finish it. I don’t know how I’ll cram all the stuff in, but I’ve seen internals that are crazily tight. Right now the only way to keep them on is sellotape, but the servo, dual ESC and LiPo stack is too tall for the actual bot. And the servo doesn’t start or end at a good angle, and I don’t know how to change it.

Just realised how bad the image is, and that you can’t see the side and base plates. Side effect of photography with a chromebook, I guess.

First thought was you were just laying out the motors and stuff :joy:
I think I can just make out the base plate though…

btw, there’s already a Drumroll in the UK (featherweight I think)

I guess I’ll have to build a featherweight and duel to see who can have the name.

2 other names I could do is Heavy (name for back when I imagined building a battlebots robot) or Thermite (cool name I made up 2 minutes ago).

Here’s an image of the robot as assembled as I can get it. Note the poor motor soldering and the sellotape.


Resoldering the motors is first on the list, then the back panel. Again with the photo quality, school chromebook (which I should be doing English homework on right now). In the future I could use the chrome logged into my account on my parents laptop, and send photos on my phone to it.

Quick update: I may have busted the motors in resoldering. My dad may have fixed it, I can’t remember. Another problem is attaching the side panels. I’m building a PLANT (plastic/sportsman antweight). I have got an idea for using a bent piece of plastic and screws. Drilling through it at both ends and the shell would mean I can finally get it done. If anyone else has an idea I’ll “look” into it.

Hey Alex, I’ve removed the non robot related post.

Keep at the bot building, have you got an event you’re aiming for?

I’m working on a robot for rock and robots (sportsman antweight) but when resoldering the motors I might have broken them. I’m also trying to get around to adding the side panels, but the motor’s should come first.

I know I might be filling this place up, but I just wanted to say something.

Houndeye is going through a renaming. It’ll be the same robot, but with a new name and a new exterior. Until it’s finished, I’ll be in radio silence. Everyone’s welcome to guess what the new name will be.

For anyone asking, yes my motors are at least slightly broken from bad soldering (I at least messed up the wire/solder tab bits). As for where (once it’s finished) I’ll run my robot, it’s a sportsman antweight, and the only place running them (at least near me) is rock and robots. It’ll probably be a bad idea to go there, since I’m well below the legal drinking age and I think it’s in some sort of pub, but it’s likely the only place my parents will drive me over to.