Is this idea too crazy?

So I currently have 4 antweights - but as we’re looking at moving house (potentially with a double garage), I thought I’d look into making a beetleweight. I immediately came across a problem - I’m terrible at making decisions. I looked through all the options and just couldn’t decide what to make.

Then I had the idea “why not make a robot with interchangeable weapon modules? That way I can avoid making a decision!”

So is making a main drive module with the ability to connect different weapon modules too crazy/optimistic for a first beetle? Especially as I have zero knowledge of CAD, and would probably continue with my “different panels screwed together” technique. I know they’ve obviously been done before though. I was thinking of possibly starting with egg beater module, horizontal spinner, and lifter modules.

Honestly you’re only limited by your creativity and motivation. While not the most traditional starting point to beetles it’s totally feasible.

The more you can plan the better it will all go, CAD is not essential but it’s incredibly easy to pick up in the current year. Pen and paper, cardboard templates - whatever works for you but the more you design and think about the more pleasant the build process and the end result is.

It’s going to be hard to get a core drive module that suits the different shapes the different types of weaponed robots favor - so maybe pick two weapon choices for now that would be complimentary and go from there. Once you have that drive module set you can bugger about creating all kinds of fantastic add ons. If they turn out to be slightly less fantastic, you have a solid drivetrain which is a very respectable failure condition.

Something which also springs to mind is you’re going to need to build your core around a battery which can sustain your highest current weapon setup or think about also having to swap batteries too. .

Best of luck I look forward to seeing progress.

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The problem with CAD for me is partly that I never get an opportunity to actually sit in front of a PC in order to learn it and use it. If there was a free app for mobile then it’d be fine because I could use it on the go, but I don’t know of one.

Its not too crazy an idea. Would be extra tricky without the aid of any cad or computerised fabrication (CNC etc).

If youre keen to stick to more old school fabrication I’d caution to try something simpler for your first beetle initially - then perhaps tackle a modular bot for a V2.

The change in scale from ants to beetles is pretty dramatic and it can be a very destructive weight category. Lots of ant builders have underestimated this on their first beetle.

Getting a feel for the class with something relatively straightforward like a lifter or something will give you great data and experience for tackling a modular bot down the line.