Jacks Antweights

Hey all, quick and dirty thread to catalogue my ants :slight_smile:

The back catalogue:

Stagnant: my Ti 4WD wej/2WD fork asymmetrical pusher.

Bucktooth: Basically Stagnant but even boring-er. :yawning_face: Came 2nd at an aws one time.

Thundershovel: my first ant - dustpan flipper. Drove like ass.

Luchador Jnr: My suplexy boi :heart:

Divebomb: my 4wd hammer saw

Earlier iteration of Divebomb: sacked off the conventional saw as managing current vs torque etc was more work than just bonking with KE. Also experimented with sprung forks before discovering what an awful idea that is at 150g :joy:


And my new (as of yet) unnamed drum bot:

Felt in a bit of a rut with antweights as most my bots are pretty samey - theyre very competitive but essentially the same chassis + different weapons. Decided to do something wildly different.

HDPE billet chassis, giant cambered foamies, big Ti drum. Still dialing this lad in, but really digging it so far :smiley: