🦀 Joe's Crab Corner - BEVs / FC Featherweights

For BEVs on Saturday I had plans to do some new fun sillier things with :crab: Grab Crab (a different weapon module :lobster:, that was less sweaty after last years tryhardery…)

Here pictured with my cat, demonstrating excellent ground game :stuck_out_tongue:

Lack of time or rather poor planning has got the better of me, so instead I’ll come back to Grab Crab later in the year - plans for toothed belt drive and returning to trusty bike tyre is the main bit. Hoping for a full combat event to get more crab chunks torn out!

Instead today I nicked the drive system and shoved it in ol’ Crabsolutely Clawful (born May 2018, so nearly 5 years old to go with 5 years of BBB in April!)

It’s full of holes and gashes, nothing is at all straight, but it’s somehow still in one piece. Rewired it all up, and surpringly the brushless linac is still going strong, no idea how the gearbox hasn’t given up in there. May make some plastic forks (mandibles?) before Saturday but otherwise it drives and hugs so send it!


Watch it perform better than anything else.

A fitting end for a crabby lad.


Fresh eyes and mandibles ready for Saturday :crab:

Have put the drive gubs back in to :crab: Grab Crab, now switching to toothed pulleys and bike tyre to save weight and add grip as my moulded ones were sliding around a bit at 70A shore (and being 25mm wide HDPE + PU helped put me right at the weight limit)

It drives real nice with all that grip and less slip! Also have around 0.5kg to play with now. Once popping the lid on I was reminded how bent the forks had got when lifting other robots… Otherwise looking ok for 5 events in now!

So made some quick thicker forks.
And added very overdue googly eyes, realise how weird it’s been without them!

Ready for BEVs next week! and maybe a trip to Ireland in a couple months :slight_smile:


That’s such a nice build. The skinny bike tyre wheels look really good.

However, there are no cats in the recent pictures. :frowning:

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