Laser Cutting Service

Hello again
Sorry that I keep asking questions but everything is a bit more complicated than I first thought.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a service to cut an antweight weapon disk for me. I thought I had the capability to do it myself but can’t anymore. I remember that Monsoon Robotics used to do custom weapons but they don’t have it on their website. I’m a bit stuck as there are so many options online but I don’t know which ones are good.
Sorry for posting on Sunday.
Noah Team Cosmos Robotics

Days of the week are irrelevant!

There’s a good few that I can recommend. are great (and stock hardox!) But have a minimum order of about 80 quid slightly cheaper than femson and I use them at work a lot great quality, price is fair considering.

Those are the ones I’d recommend as doing a standalone order. Sometimes there are group orders for other vendors which have great pricing but a higher minimum order. If you’re in no great rush I’d try and wait for one of these and jump in on those.