Lasered (hardox etc)

Hi all,

Looking to chuck an order at lasered in the next week (my parts are good to go already) and I am going to fall under the minimum order. If anyone wants to chuck bits in to the hat let me know. Not wanting to get swamped but if you just want a couple discs or trinkets then give me a bell.

Or, if someone is already doing an order please hit me up I have a handful of files to chuck your way.


Hi, I’ve got some long 3mm hardox forks along with a 2mm hardox wedge I’d like to get cut for a beetleweight. Where should I send you the files and do you know roughly how much it would cost to get about 8 forks cut?

hey, i would like to join in, toss me into the facebook group if it exists. need stuff for my feather and some beetle stuffs

Hi there!

I have a few discs/ bars I need making if this is still open, in 8mm if possible, would I be able to join in the order?

Gonna cut this off now as I’m sending off everything tomorrow. Get yer files in if you haven’t.

Cheers darlings xo

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