Locking bar for flipper

Just a quick question ahead of the weekend.

Any ideas for a suitable flipper locking bar? Was thinking of drilling a couple of holes and padlocking - because honestly have no idea. This is Amys little bot, just for fun :slight_smile:



is there material between / behind the eyes ? You could use a stick through the front, and style it liek a nose, or a unicorn horn or something. Similar to how Chucky is locked.

Looks awesome btw. For Sat ?

We have a little piece of plastic so that could work :slight_smile: Amy loves the idea of a unicorn horn :laughing:

Thank you, it was very much thrown together. We had a death in the family so wasn’t as nice as we were hoping but Amy is pleased and looking forward to seeing everyone. It’s always a good day out so that’s the main thing :slight_smile:

Yes for Saturday :slight_smile:

Looking great!

If the lifter plate isn’t physically attached to the servo (eg - the servo arm just nudges it up but isn’t bolted to it) we don’t require a locking bar. In that case you can still use bungee / elastic to pull it back down (see snappy :slight_smile: )

But if the lifter plate is attached to the servo then we do require a locking bar which is ideally easy for us to remove - it’s usually like a hex key, split steel pin or long bolt that’s clearly labelled or has a keyring on etc.

super thanks Joe, helpful as always :slight_smile:

Also forgot thank you for finding the stickers, Amy was chuffed to bits

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