Looking for Rotalink Conversion Info

I’m looking at using Rotalinks to replace the Megasparks currently in Antithesis. I was wondering if anyone knows how much a Rotalink conversion weighs, and/or has a CAD model of one.

Either would be much appreciated!

Edit: for the CAD, would it be possible to just glue the gearbox dimensions to the 1806 dimensions and call it a day, or am I missing something?

All my cads have just used a bbb 22mm gearbox cad slapped onto an 1806 cad. That’s always been accurate enough for me generally

Weight wise, from memory I wanna say like 57grams? But it has been a long while since I weighed one tbf

Cheers! That’s enough for me to feel confident designing around them :slightly_smiling_face:

BBB 22mm box is a little bit shorter, add 1.1mm onto the gearbox CAD model to approximate the rotalinks.