Malenki nano and quad N10s

So recently I have been upgrading my antweight wedge called “Sir googly” from 2 600rpm N20s to 4 1000rpm N10s and saw somewhere online that I may not be able to keep running it with a malenki nano without upgrading to the high voltage version. I was wondering if any of you knew whether that was true?

Hi Phoenix,

That’s the recommendation as mentioned on the Malenki-Nano shop page.

In testing we’ve had the Nano cut out when running 4 of our N10s as they can draw too much current.

This is not the case for the Malenki HV or the BBB Dual as they both have a larger peak current output per channel.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help, I was 75% sure I would have to change/upgrade but didn’t want to if I could avoid it. I’m not sure how I missed that when searching for answers before I asked here