My first build, parts help

Currently buying all parts needed to build my first antweight robot and hopefully eventually compete, but really haven’t got a clue as to which battery to buy with so many being available on eBay Amazon can someone kindly point me in the right direction as to one that will be perfect to start with thanks.

You’ll be looking for a 2S LiPo with between 120-250mAh, typically with a JST connector (the red rectangular one). BBB has links to some on eBay.

The higher the mAh value, the longer the battery can go before you need to charge it, but the larger and heavier it will be, which may impact your design.
You could go up to a 3S LiPo, but those are typically used with spinners, which you probably shouldn’t be building as your first bot.


Just out of interest after following the link for the battery of eBay the seller only has the 3.7v version 200mah would that work and thanks for the advice certainly made it easier for me to understand what I was looking for cheers

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No that’d probably be a 1S - so a single cell.

You really want a 2S so two cells. Doubles the voltage.

Sourcing good antweight batteries is a bit of a mess ATM. This is probably one of the better off the shelf options around imho:


iam gonna order one of these then thanks for your advice.

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It actually is! We’ve been searching high and low for batteries for Ants which aren’t stupidly over priced! Thanks for the link, we’ll be using this too :slight_smile:

These are the same ones I use in Time for Crab! (and previously in tiny model planes) and they’ve held up extremely well.

Can definitely recommend them, and have ordered a bunch more since batteries with these proportions have become hard to find recently.

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