New BBB Website!

Hey gang! Exciting times, we’ve rebuilt the main website for 2024!

ooo darkmode

With a new look UK/EU calendar:

And updated guides and rules and all our other useful event tools all baked in to the site rather than on google docs!

It did briefly crash the forum on Sunday while we moved over from the old site (sorry about that!) but we’re there now. And the forum and website kinda match now :slight_smile: May try do the same for the shop, but we will see.

Any feedback or issues as always let me know.


One little thing I found when looking around

In dark mode some of the diagrams get really hard to read

Thanks Noah! Just started porting over the shop this week, so still work in progress for that, will ensure no transparent diagrams :slight_smile: Cheers

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Finished porting over the shop yesterday and I think I’ve caught most of the issues but if you do see anything else funky let me know :slight_smile: appreciate the help!