Robot Club: Antweights in a garden in Hertfordshire

Robot Club is the name given to an infrequent series of antweight events hosted by myself in my garden in Hertfordshire. Originally organised by MKBFC as a test to see if we could successfully organise events, it has grown to be my main source of interaction with the robot community now that I’m too injured to leave the house.

The arena currently used is an old football table with 6cm walls, beaching blocks, 15% dropoff and no roof, meaning this is a spinner-free event.

Each time Robot Club convenes, we have a few tournaments to decide who wins a number of small trophies:

Tiny Nut: main competition
Tiny Bolt: rumble
Tiny Chain: 2v2 competition
Tiny Washer: consolation tournament (Desperado tournament at RC3)
Big Switch: pass-the-transmitter tournament (2 trophies, one for the winning driver, one for constructor of the winning robot)

Robot Club 5 just happened and #6 and #7 are currently in the planning stage - message me if you’d like an invite!

Footage of past Robot Club competitions will be in the replies since I’m limited to 2 links per post.


Robot Club 1, 7/4/2019
8 robots, 5 roboteers
Minimal footage captured, recap shown at beginning of RC2 main event video

Robot Club 2, 5/5/2019
19 robots, 7 roboteers
Main event / Side events

Robot Club 3, 12/2/2022
22 robots, 9 roboteers
Main event / Side events

Robot Club 4, 04/06/2022
18 robots, 6 roboteers
Main event / Side events

Vlog from builder of Freddy FazBot, his first build and his first event

Robot Club 5, 11/03/2023
41 robots, 19 roboteers
Main event / Side events