Rock & Robots: monthly series of antweight events in London

I’m back organising gigs in Stoke Newington in NE London and these gigs will have robot fighting as a side attraction.

I hosted 2 of these in 2022 with 6 robots per time and they were nicely-received events. These events will resume on the second Sunday of each month, beginning on Sunday 14 January. Full details are on the Rampage signup pages for each event. Fight videos frrom the first event are here - fights will be soundtracked by a live drummer and there will be a new arena built for January.

Since the roboteers will be classed as performers, they will be entitled to a share of the door takings for the whole gig night.

Right now, I’m focusing my efforts on organising the first 3 dates but we can expect these events to run once a month for at least all of 2024. The first 3 dates are:

Rock & Robots 3: Sunday 14 January
Rock & Robots 4: Sunday 11 February
Rock & Robots 5: Sunday 10 March

The address for all dates is The Others, 6 Manor Road, London, N16 5SA. Likely timings are arrival at 18:00, fights beginning at 19:00 and lasting until 19:45 but these are subject to change. Feel free to stay for the gig and open mic afterwards - there’s a cash bar on site.

@bristolbotbuilders Could I get these dates added to the BBB calendar please? I’d like the links to point to . The logo is included below.

Nice one on monthly ant events in London, should hopefully help with the south eastern demand for more ant stuff!

Yep they’re already in the calendar :slight_smile:

Sounds great. I thoroughly enjoyed Rock&Robots and Rock&Robots 2, looking forward to another one.

Videos from the January event are here

The next Rock & Robots will be on Sunday 11 February - Facebook event here, signups hosted on Rampage or just comment in this thread and I’ll put you in the group chat.

We’re still going strong even if I haven’t posted in a while:

11 February 2024
10 March 2024

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The event also now has its own Hall of Fame on my website with brackets, links to videos and results.

14 April 2024
This was number 6 - at this rate, there will have been more R&R events than AWS by midway through 2031.
Next event 12 May and we’re looking for entrants