Rx Channels for 4xBrushless drive

I’m probably overthinking this but… For 4WD with 4 independent brushless drives and ESC, I assume you just run two ESCs off each of the first two Rx channels (e.g. the 2 left side ESCs off AIL and the 2 right side off ELE)?
Seems obvious - but given 4 channel AFHDS Rx and OpenTX, presumably you could mix it to run one ESC off each channel - and then have the option of tuning the individual curves/end-points to keep wheels spinning evenly, even if one motor/gearbox combo turned out to be faster/slower than it’s partners. Now I’m assuming that’s massive overkill for a beetleweight (and maybe for heavier classes too) - but just curious if anyone’s done it that way?

Soldering the signal wires together or mixing on Tx is the move usually! and I’d say at beetle scale most people just run one pair of brushless motors and belts / gears as that’s plenty of power already and then you’ve got the possible defensive advantage of the wheels not being directly attached to the drive motors.

Four motors sounds fun though so don’t let me stop you! You’d may have to some sacrifice armour / weapon to do four motor 4wd, but it is done and is more common with brushed (as only requires 2 ESCs or 1 dual)

Typically sensored ESCs/motors at a larger scale (feather/heavy) to make motors spin at similar speeds (by measuring the speed the motors are spinning at and adjusting on the ESC) for that nice control rather than on the Tx. But @Gareth does encoders on his barmy beetles :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I thought - I’ll stick with just using the 2 channels. :slight_smile:
As for having 4 independent motors… Well, I’m in the unusual position of not needing a lot of weight for armour (build log coming soon that will make that statement clearer - but the robot’s name “Mr Prickles” is a clue…) -so I thought I’d go for the greater simplicity and durability of direct drive all round.

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Sounds intriguing!

By the way we use these on our heavyweight for splitting Rx signals to ESCs for a less permanent mod, may be handy :slight_smile:


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