Ryu-Kishin - Rebuild after the '22 desaster

Hello everyone. I totally did not forget that this forum exists and that I’ve signed up for it a while ago.
I thought I’d share some pictures of my bot Ryu-Kishin. That bot that showed up to the beetlechamps in 2022 that got knocked out by Icebreaker in round 1 and didn’t redeem itself against a very boring bot.

This one

After the champs I wanted to rebuild the entire thing.
I learned what worked and what didn’t in that version. I started by designing the thing in fusion and printed out some hollow parts to get a feel for the dimentions of the thing.

I quite liked it but it had to be modified a bit.
What really did work on the old version were the 10mm hdpe site pieces. The old ones were made by Cosmin but this time I went to a local makerspace to have them milled

I took the internals of the old one that were still in working order and just threw them into the new one

At the champs I was in a whiteboard rumble with a lot of other lifter bots. one of thos was a bot that I refuse to pronounce the right way… it was abracacrabrara or something along those lines. They managed to get their lifter right between my wheels and lifted me up so I couldn’t do anything for the majority of the rumble. to combat that I decided to ad a little tpu piece between the wheels on the new bot.

Also the lifting arms were made from scratch to help the bot selfrighting. (the whites being the new ones)

the rest of the build went smoothly. I entered into one of our german MMM events and it somehow made it to second place only loosing its final fight.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out but I’m still working on improvements. Next thing I want to try out is running the weapon with timing belts instead of that ugly looking arm there.

Thanks for the attention.
See you next time


New version is looking very sleek nice job, hope we get to see it again soon :slight_smile:

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I really want to do an event in the uk again. Most people I’ve talked to are just lovely.

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Would be great to see you and Ryu at a UK event again!

New iteration is looking good👍

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Loving the iteration! Hope to see you again soon.

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Looking lovely!

If all the frame is 10mm that should be a super tough machine. Upgrades are on point. Are you planning on doing anything to stop it from resting on the flat sides? Or does the arm unbalance it enough to tip it?

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Weight distribution, the round screw heads and the arm usually stop it from being stranded on its side. I’ve not ended up in that position yet but if I ever do I’m sure I’ll do something about it. Like making the wedge a trapezoid shape so it sticks out more on the bottom