Snappy - Intrusive Thoughts Taking Shape

2024 marks 10 years since my first build, the very first Mr Snappy. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a Snappy, when I said I wouldn’t revisit the idea again, but having reset my mindset on robots (eg: screw tryharding, have fun and build cool), I’ve been having thoughts about how I would design a modern version, thinking about using more bop! design language and combining with something similar to Blip. Spent a few hours committing some ideas to cad last night after work.

This version was a hastily adapted bop! cad, just to see what I thought of the idea before, a little later…

Starting from scratch to make sure all the dimensions are as suited as possible.

Still very much a rough draft and may not ever happen as I’m having so much fun with bop! but thought it’d be fun to keep a log of where it goes, if it goes.


So cool you’re breathing new life into Snappy! Looking forward to seeing this take shape.

I’d be really interested to see how you’re able to utilise Bop!'s design language whilst maintaining an important distinction between the two. Knowing the context of this initial design, it made a lot more sense as to why it looked so similar, so I’m definitely interested in seeing the evolution.

With a Blip style setup on your flipper, there’s probably going to be some level of having to play the ground game to get some kinda utilisation out of your weapon. Would be super interesting in seeing that approach towards that challenge given your current mindset on that kinda stuff.

Hope to see more :smiley:

Littlin very much hopes the new Snappy comes to be made.

Don’t forget he’s the reason we now come and see you guys and the inspiration you’ve both provided to Amy has made such a positive impact on her.

Pleeeeeeeaaaaassse make him :slight_smile: