South Wales Events

Looking to get into the beetle weight category with a horizontal bar spinner. Was just wondering if there were any events around the south wales area, as Bristol is somewhat out of the way, especially as I’m new and solo, so don’t expect the bot to survive for all that long.
Many hours of traveling, for only a few minutes of combat :sweat_smile:

Hi Scarlett,

The most comprehensive list of events with a handy map can be found here

Unfortunately I think Bristol is probably going to be the closest to you, certainly for beetles at least. Occasionally you’ll see antweights but that’s not a sure thing.

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about wasting a trip. While first builds have some teething troubles and there’s no replacement for real world experience it’s not like you’re going to have a smoking mess on your hands. Tap outs are common and nobody is really going out of their way to kick an already dead robot.

Robot events aren’t just about the fights themselves there is a huge community aspect and you’ll be able to be yourself and talk shop with like-minded people (worth the trip in itself for me!)

Even winning robots will only have maybe 15 minutes of total fight time if you think about it!


Great, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I mean, you COULD get a smoking mess, but then the LiPo will have gotten beaten up REAL bad, and that really doesn’t happen often.

If you can make it, come along to one of our beetle events mid build to see how it is! As Harry says, the ‘going out in a bin bag’ is so incredibly rare :sweat_smile:

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