Static - Beetleweight build diary

Hi all!

A little introduction to me, my names Brandan and I’m using this a build diary for what I refer to as a crash course in robotics (get the name). I have no experience in electronics and engineering so its all new to me with plenty of learning to do.

But enough of that just thought id use this to get some thoughts on my first build, I’ve created (very) rough cardboard mock up of what i expect the design to look like and and very open to some feedback. the design is based around RW series 7 competitor lightning.

I’ve already noticed that its too narrow at the rear to fit the motors so i need to increase the width of the back to fit them. Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Hey Brandan!

Welcome! Cardboard is a good place to start.

Have you got an idea of what components you’ll be using for the drive and the lifter?

Hopefully you’ve seen our beetle guides :slight_smile:


yeah, parts arrived a couple days ago so using the kit for drive and everything, using a 35kg servo for the lifting arm. gonna make so changes in the coming days get the motors to fit and to try and trim the size down as feels a bit chonky.

really pushing myself with this with the aim to try and compete at robot rebellion as its only 15 mins from me

Sounds good!

Our favourite accessible building style is sheets of HDPE, so I’d plan around as a rough guide 10mm walls, 5mm lid/base as a starting point :slight_smile: