Suitable replacements for a 100RPM 37mm Motor?

I basically want a lighter replacement for the fat 200g 12v 37mm 100 RPM motor and was wondering if anyone knows or has experience with a different motor and gearbox with torque values that match or are similar to this one?

As a side note, I was also wondering if anyone has ran a 12v 37mm motor reliably on 4s? I’m aware you can get a bit of leeway by over volting motors a little but I obviously don’t want one dying every match.

Sup boss, used to run one on OG ares. Motor itself was fine on 4S. I know Toucan also uses one for it’s entire grab & lift system. So they do the business!

Ares now runs a Banebots P61S gearbox with a Leopard LBH3650-32T 1185KV. The motor itself is a bit shite, I’m looking at moving to something else, the setup is pretty solid, but at the cost of being like 370g.

Hope this helps!

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Hop has talked a bit about bwushless gearboxes so I’ll go on and say that you can go for something like a 24mm 100:1 gearbox with a 2836 outrunner on it for around 150g of weight (please check yourself before you rush to buy) - I ran a 28mm 100:1 with an Overlander 2836 outrunner mounted on the first iteration of my BW Bonbonbonbon, and it lifted with more torque at a higher speed than a 37mm 50:1 that I had ran previously, for exactly the same weight - pictured here:

As for 4S on a 37, it should take it fairly well. I know there are people in the scene who have run those specs, but I’ve not personally so I would take my advice on that with a pinch of salt.


I also had this problem when designing Déjà Two, because I can’t spare the weight for a 37mm motor for the weapon. My solution was this brushed motor: 34 RPM Econ Gear Motor

34 RPM 24mm (if I recall correctly) brushed motor, rated for ~110kgf-cm stall at 12V. I run it on 4S with an additional reduction of 1:2 with some hardened steel gears, and this works quite well for a grab-and-lift. I did however lose the gearbox on one at Rapture (having used the same motor in 12 previous fights), so may not be as robust as other options. It only weighs ~100g though!

Cheers guys for the help. Good to know I can use the 37mm on 4s if I don’t find a replacement.

Sadly those Econ motors don’t look like they have good rpm for the torque values I’m after. Cheers for the suggestion though.

Yeah 37s are perfectly happy on 4S in my experience. I ran the same pololu one on Luchador MK1.5, MK2 and the earlier iterations of MK3.

Probably 25 fights or so total, about two thirds of those at 4S at a guess.

A 37mm replacement is a tough nut to crack. Their combination of robustness and torque are hard to match in lighter packages.

For Luchador I ended up going with an absurdly powerful and utterly insanely expensive 4S 93kgcm servo. But that brings its own compromises - limited range of motion and extremely high potential cost of replacements should it die.

Probably a more sensible option would be mating a mid sized brushless motor to a high reduction gearbox like strang has on lifter Bonbonbonbon. Although weight savings there are minimal - as such high reduction gearboxes tend to be heavy anyway.


I reckon I’ll probably stick with the 37 on 4s if there isn’t a much lighter alternative. Cheers for the suggestion though.