Swag Demon/Sweg Damon/Sweg

Despite being my most unloved child, Sweg continues to be undoubtedly my best Beetleweight (if not my favourite). I swear if I put half as much time into maintaining it as I did Bby Shrekt it would almost definitely be more successful. It’s a very tough, very blue drum bot with an almost passive aggressive record of not dying and killing big hitters. Around 2019 I did a full rebuild (it’s using that same frame to this day) and this is the very late record of that build. Specs are as follows (new specs as the drive components have changed since the original build).

Frame - 15mm hdpe side rails and internal brace, 10mm hdpe bum, 5mm hdpe outer armour, 3mm hdpe baseplate and 2mm Polycarbonate top.

Drive - 2x 22mm bbb brushed motors, 2x bbb v1 brushed escs

Weapon - 55mm x 90mm 7075 Aluminium drum with 4x offset M8 CSK bolt teeth. ~ 300g in total.

Weapon components - 2200kv 2836 propdrive v2 @ 4s LIHV, 30a Race spec Afro esc. Drum spins at ~ 26k rpm.

Late 2019, after serving faithfully for 2 years the old frame was retired. New frame is exactly the same dimensionally but was designed to accommodate some new forks and to expose the drum more.

The weapon motor mounts on a simple Aluminium bracket that is bolted to the mid rail. Despite being in over 100 fights at this point, I’ve never had any issues with this set up.

The armour is just 2 parts (one per side) of 5mm hdpe bent to shape. I feel like this massively improves the durability of the robot, it takes all of the damage and shock that would otherwise go into the frame, and also makes it harder for other spinners to get a decent bite.

Ready for its first event (Battle in the Burgh 2019), where it finished in 3rd place. This was actually my first ever podium finish at a biggish competition.

Sweg as it stands today, the drive component’s have been updated, I’ve added some small magnets under the drive to help offset the weight of the drum and it now runs 4s, but other than that it’s essentially the same frame from 2019. Eventually I’ll look at doing a proper rebuild with new drum (that one is almost 8 years old!) but for now it’s my “throw in and it’ll do the thing” robot.

Bit of a word/picture vomit, congrats if you made it to the end. As always happy to answer any additional questions.

Cheers, Sam


Shrekt is scary but this is the one I’m more terrified of, that drum has blood on its hands!

Great to see your approach to building across the two bots, lots of simple (in the best sort of way) but well considered and thoroughly designed and iterated stuff.

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